Ground Operations

We are aviation safety compliance specialists offering a variety of ground operations and ground handling based audits. 


Our audit process provides data, enabling you to identify potential weak areas that may affect regulatory approvals, personal safety or the organizations reputation.

As a mandatory element of your SMS, our audits focusing either on operational activities and processes or can be drawn upon for the

post-investigation of corrective actions.


With experience of more than 20 years in aviation, we are able to undertake one-off, individual audits or an entire audit program on your behalf.

We make sure, that the jobs in the following areas are performed in conformance to relevant industry standards and/or in compliance with regulatory requirements:


Passenger & Baggage Handling


Cargo Operations & Load Control


Ramp Services & ULD Handling


Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air


Drinking Water Service


Marshalling - Ground Operations

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